[Newsletter nº3 April 2021] «Diverse and Inclusive Teams for Children under 12»

What has been happening in our project?

We have finished our Report on the Current State of Inclusion in Sport Clubs in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia, and Spain, which analyses findings from the survey and interviews we have conducted to learn about the current practice in sports clubs for children under 12. Here is a summary of the most interesting points:

  • The majority of clubs in Germany and a third of clubs in Spain have no coaches with a professional qualification to train athletes with disabilities. In comparison to that, all Slovenia sport clubs have at least 1 coach with a professional qualification to train athletes with a disability.
  • The majority of managers (more than 60%) state that there was (at least once) an interest from an athlete with a disability to become part of the club.
  • Almost all coaches from Germany (94%) are aware of the existence of educational courses in their region about training athletes with disabilities. In comparison, only 26% of the coaches from Slovenia and 47% of coaches from Spain report knowing about such educational courses.
  • The coaches in the Czech Republic said the main priorities of their sports clubs were to cooperate with experts and to participate in competitions. No one recognised involving children with disabilities in their club as a priority.

You can read the full report here

At the moment, we are developing educational materials for coaches and parents that will provide practical tips on how to build more inclusive children sport clubs. If you would like to find out more about our activities, please contact us using the button below. 

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